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Recently Sold

Bringing the best of Montana ranch and working horses to the world.
Take a look at some of the professionally owned and trained all around ranch, trail and arena horses.


Darci knew what she wanted, a buckskin mare with Thoroughbred and cow breeding. This is a rare commodity but she found Sage through us. Congratulations!


Brittney and Gus hit it off right from the start. Gus will enjoy his new home and a little pampering and Brittney will enjoy this all around working partner. Congratulations Brittney!


"Jack" loves his new family in Oregon and they love hime.. This working ranch horse loves all the attention from mom, grandma and the kids. Congratulations Ashley!


SOLD: Mr Blackburn 131 (Oro) 2013 Buckskin Gelding
"Oro" means gold in Spanish and we think Oro is worth his weight in gold. Finished in the bridle but can ride bridleless, with a snaffle, halter or hackamore. This horse is super gentle while being an athlete that will take you to the next level in horsemanship, ranch versatility, ranch trail, western equitation as well as being a great ride the leisurely trail rider and working on the ranch. His kind disposition will let you pack your husband, wife or in laws and give the junior rider an opportunity to shine. This gelding is clean legged, sweet and can take you to the next level.
See more photos, video, pedigree and information on Oro.

Why Choose A Ranch Horse

When you buy a horse that has earned his living working in real working cattle ranch situations, you are buying a horse that knows how to handle himself in rough terrain, keep his cool when chaos errupts and form a working partnership with his rider.  These horses are expected to help you open gates, gather, rope and doctor cattle, drag calves, pack implements and go out in any type of weather to complete tasks. A ranch horse has to have good ground manners, be able to stand tied for hours and jump in and out of trailers without hesitation. Most have been ridden by people that make their living riding horses and expect their horses to be good, solid citizens with impeccable manners. Very few have been started young and drilled in the arena or been overfed as youngsters to go to a sale ring. 

Some of these horses have had a lot of arena schooling and come with a soft, flexed neck and head set. Many carry themselves naturally since a good ranch horse has to keep his head up to see what lies ahead. Most of these horses can go straight into team penning and sorting, ranch trail, western dressage, team roping, ranch roping and ranch riding with some slight adjustments.

We only consign horses from exceptional  horsemen, working cowboys, trainers and breeders. You're not buying someone else's problem horse or bad habits. Most of these horses are for sale because the owners are bringing along younger horses and need room in their string  for new ones. Whatever your tastes, you're sure to find your new equine partner here. Many horses have graduated from ranch work to become upper level dressage horses, money earning team roping, team penning and sorting horses and extreme trail competitors. If you're ready to have fun and take your horsemanship to the next level we can help find the right horse for you.

Luke sale pic.jpg

Luke found his new partners and will be enjoying his job as main riding partner for a couple lovely ladies here close to home. Congratulations Michele.


"Banjo" found his new partner in Western Washington where he will be the main mount for a gentleman to further his journey in horsemanship. Congratulations Paul!


Steve and Miki found their perfect fit with "Scottie" where he will be riding the trails around the Bitterroot Valley. Congratulations!


Josh knew what he wanted and it was the perfect 3-in-1 package that included this solid producing mare and her handsome stud colt and bred back to the same stallion. They will enjoy winter in Florida. We are coming to visit!

SOLD Rarity  2013 Paint Mare

Lorrie and Sophie were looking for a solid, gentle, confidence builder and Rarity fit the bill perfectly. We didn't even have time to get her on the website before she found the perfect home. We hope you have many wonderful years together in Washington.


SOLD WYO Scottish Kate  2016 buckskin roan mare

Elizabeth spotted Kate on our site and knew she would be a great fit for her and her husband. After flying to Montana and riding her in the arena and trails the decision was easy. Kate is going to her new home in California.

nichole and charlie.jpg

"Charlie" will be a great confidence builder for Nichole and the will be riding the range together with the rest of the family in Central Montana.

SOLD Bosco  2016 Black Gelding

When Heather was looking for the perfect horse to start her way and develop into a fancy bridle horse, she was thrilled to find this sweet, flashy gelding to take to Helena.

SOLD Miss Dun Curry 2016 AQHA Mare

Sam and Krista recognized a great ranch and roping prospect when they saw Dolly. She is headed to Washington where she will get to realize her full potential as a true working horse.


"Beau" is now in Southern California where he is the main mount for a lucky 9 year old girl and her father. Enjoy the time at the beach Beau. We're all jealous.


"Oro" is staying right here in the Bitterroot Valley to be the main mount for ranch owner and breeder, Sheilah where he will continue being a great ranch horse and working partner. Congratulations.

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