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2020 Dark Bay Roan Stud Colt (name pending)

Blue roan stallion Hancock Driftwood
Strawberry roan stud colt AQHA

SOLD Whether you’re looking for your future gelding to rope out of the box or be your go to ranch gelding, this colt is has the breeding and conformation to this and more. We like the way this colt is put together and he looks like he will have the size you need and the disposition to be want to work for you. His sire is 16 hands blue roan and he looks like he will be big and well built too.


Leo Hancock Hayes
Blue Zeus Hancock
Blue Zeus Cowboy
WYO Blue Drift Mandy
Cowboys Skippity Gal
Blue Hancock Cowboy
Skippity Gal
Name Pending
2020 AQHA Bay Roan Colt
Midnight Driftwood
Drifts Chip
Pocos Driftin Smoke
Roanee Risk
Smokin Blue Poco
Blue Drifting Smoke
Magical String


Debbie Driggers. 406-360-2668.

Bonnie Cazier. 801-550-4030.

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