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Bonnie Cazier — agent

I'm a self confessed horseaholic with a background in graphic design and illustration. After I retired from my professional career as an art director for an international sporting goods company I focused on my true loves; horses, art and photography. I love really good horses and I'm blessed to have owned a few. I've been involved in Quarter Horse racing, natural horsemanship training, breeding, and competitive events like ranch trail, extreme trail, dressage, western and english equitation and pleasure events. I'm an equine photographer that specializes is in conformation and action photography. My diverse and deep equine background and artist's eye makes evaluating horses a specialty. I love a horse with kind, trainable disposition that is sound and easy on the eye.

Former partner Bitterroot Equine Marketing Services

Bonnie is available for your photography needs whether portrait, wedding, real estate or equine at

Bonnie also specializes in fine art equine and pet portraiture.

About Us

Bonnie Cazier and Debbie Driggers are are a team of professional, licensed, bonded and insured agents to some of the top ranchers and breeders in Montana. We partner with breeders, trainers and professional horse people in Montana and market them to buyers looking for the right horse for their breeding program, competitive partner or forever equine friend. 

Why We Do This

Because we love horses, horse people and the horse business. We found a need (or the need found us) to help local breeders and trainers market their horses to a wide audience and provide buyers with a safe way to purchase the right horse. A well bred horse that has grown up in the wide open spaces and worked for a living makes a great recreational or competitive horse in our opinions. We think you'll agree. 


Why should you work with us?

Purchasing a horse over the internet can be daunting and have it's pitfalls for even the most experienced buyer. Our goal is to find the right horse for you not just sell you a horse. We have had numerous repeat buyers over the years and many still contact us with updates on their horses. Some from over 20 years ago! We will listen to your needs and evaluate the suitability for the horse and buyer. We only represent horses that we would want to own and ride. We have met strict requirements with The USDA and Montana Department of Livestock to become licensed and bonded to ensure that your transaction is safe, secure, with complete documentation. We will also assist you with vet checks, hauling arrangements and communications between buyers and sellers. We want to make the experience easy and successful for all parties. You will never experience any pressure from us to buy. 

What does it cost?

There is no additional cost to the buyer. Like a real estate agent, the seller pays us an agreed upon commission for our services to photograph, videotape, advertise and represent their horses. As in those transactions, you will have certain fees for veterinary charges, certain paperwork and registration transfers as well as transportation and other miscellaneous fees. We make sure that all paperwork is in order when making a purchase.


Deborah Driggers — agent

Debbie has an extensive background as an equine professional as a ranch manager for cutting horses, American Paint Horses, Arabians and Andalusians. Extensive experience in equine health management, breeding, A.I. and foaling. She specializes in working with foals and young horses to give them a good education in halter breaking, handling, loading and teaching them to be good citizens under saddle. Debbie has worked in a professional photo studio and photography and videography are her specialties and we've added a GoPro and a drone to the arsenal to create professional quality images and videos so customers can see what our horses are capable of in the open spaces and mountains of Western Montana.

Former owner of Bitterroot Equine Marketing Services.


Debbie Driggers. 406-360-2668.

Bonnie Cazier. 801-550-4030.

In 2001 We formed the first internet based, licensed, bonded, equine sales company in the state of Montana, Bitterroot Equine Marketing Services. Photo taken 2002.

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