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Horses For Sale

Here's a sample of some of the horses we currently have offered for sale. We have several outstanding geldings coming soon. They are well seasoned ranch horses and ridden by some of our favorite professionals. Stay tuned


"Oro" is one of those hard to find, all foundation bred gelding with clean legs and a sound mind. He has years of professional training and is riding straight up in the bridle but can also go bridleless, with a halter, snaffle, bosal or whatever you have. His disposition is kind and forgiving but he is all business when you put him on a cow whether sorting, boxing, gathering or penning. He's also logged hundred of hours on working ranches doctoring, roping and branding. He's seen it all and nothing phases him. Perfect for the midlevel rider that's ready to step into Western Equitation, Dressage, Ranch Versatility & Trail and pack your spouse safely for a leisurely ride. 

More information, photos, pedigree and price

palomino filly-9664.jpg

SOLD! This is going to be one big, powerful mare. She is sired by Billy Yellow Weasel who is from the 40 year program of Jo Ann Carroll of Many Ponies Ranch in Salmon, Idaho. His offspring are known for being big, athletic and trainable and "Beany" looks like she will be the same.

More information, photos & pedigree


This filly is kind, sweet and athletic. Her sire, LW Playguns Diamond is known for siring trainable and versatile mounts that are suited for the serious competitor and youth and amateurs. Double bred Playgun, she should be great producer too.

More information, photos & pedigree


Riding down the trail on this smooth gaiting gelding will put a smile on your face every time. He is professionally trained and has spent time doing ranch work, lots of miles on mountain trails and is easy to handle on the ground. He loves attention and wants to be someone's main mount.

More information, photos & pedigree


There's a reason this fancy gelding was the first pick in the string for long time, expert horseman Ty Heth. "Corazon is a finished bridle horse but will go in anything you hang on his head. He is gentle and patient enough for a novice but has all the right training and moves for the advanced horseperson that wants to get a job done or compete in ranch classes. His kind, gentle disposition would make him the perfect husband horse that is the same every day.

More information, photos, pedigree and price

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