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GS King Duster Drift 2013 15.3 hand AQHA Blue Roan Gelding


SOLD! Congratulations Dana! Are you on the hunt for that solid, safe citizen that you will make you smile every time you throw a leg over? "Corazon" is the big, gentle giant with a kind disposition and a long resume that qualifies him to be your "go to" gelding whether it's a leisurely trail ride, ranch horse versatility competition, sorting cattle in the pen or dragging calves to the fire.


This gelding has spent the last year being ridden by two of the best hands in Montana and is now looking for the easy life on your spread. He has been the main mount while Ty taught horsemanship and cattle working clinics and is as happy at the end of the day as he was at the beginning. After a cow kicked Ty in the knee (hard), Corazon took care of him when he could barely climb up to his back. His mission in life is to be your best friend and figure out what makes you happy. His size doesn't handicap his agility and picks up his leads every time, turns and stops handily and has nice, easy gaits. His sweet disposition is the thing that can't be trained into them but will be the part that will make him your favorite horse and the envy of your friends and family. 



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