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JD Mistik Phoenix 2012 AQHA mare


The results of a 50 year breeding program, Lynn's Quarter Horses, is beauty, brains and athletic ability. These horses are kind and want to please and have the athleticism to get any job done while looking good doing it. "Peaches" got a late start in her training do to no fault of her own. She has seen a lot of the Montana mountains while packing and riding and has been started around cattle. She has a sweet disposition and is very sensitive. Needs a confident, experienced rider to go on with her training. She has a smooth little trot that you can sit all day., easy to catch, shoe, load.



Celebrity Concerto
1997 Grullo Roan
Snipper Music
1982 Grullo Roan
Sierra Celebrity Gold
Whiskey Music
Snipper Tody
Sierra G Son
Skipette Holly
JD Mistik Phoenix
2012 Red Dun Mare
Snips Silver Legacy
Snipper Music
Silver Suevannah
Cinder Gold Bar
Machos Full House
Sue Per Macho Deck
Ladys Mystic Royal


Debbie Driggers. 406-360-2668.

Bonnie Cazier. 801-550-4030.

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