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SOLD: Larks Tyree Chick
2014 AQHA 15.1 Hand Buckskin Mare


SOLD: We love the Rugged Lark horses and this mare has the kind disposition, versatility and beautiful looks of the great Super Horse himself. "Chick" has had 60 days of trail riding and 90 days of reining training but has not been ridden the last 3 years. She is gentle and friendly and will meet you at the gate. Easy to tie, load, haul, trim, shoe etc. Her owner has had several surgeries and Chick had a stick that penetrated her frog 2 years ago but has healed completely. She turns in slightly on the front but has not bothered her except with heavy work. Both sire and dam were correct as were her siblings. She was a big foal at birth. She would be a unique addition to your broodmare band or project horse.




Debbie 406-360-2668

Bonnie 801-550-4030

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