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Mr Blackburn 131 (Oro) 15.1 Hand 2013 AQHA Buckskin Gelding


SOLD! "Oro" is one of the rare geldings that will step up for the most experienced horse person or rate down and take care of less experienced person that wants a safe, consistent ride that will allow them to move up the ranks. He trained in the traditional vaquero style and will ride in a full bridle or bridleless and everything in between. Soft in the face and moves easily off leg pressure, he loves to please and is athletic enough to perform demanding, athletic moves in the arena or on cattle but will forgive a less experienced rider that wants to learn the basics and move up to performance status. He is also happy to go out on a leisurely trail ride and fill in for the husband or wife.
Oro's good mind, built to last conformation and athleticism stem from his solid working bred foundation breeding with Mr Blackburn 40 top and bottom and Poco Bueno as well. Blackburn breeding is sought after by knowledgable horsemen that want performance and durability coupled with trainable, kind dispositions and Oro fits that bill. Oro is the same horse you saddle up day after day and year after year. His big bone, correct build and strong, black feet will help him hold up to the toughest demands.

This gelding would shine in Western equitation, western dressage, Ranch classes of every kind and be your best friend that will take care of you under pressure. Oro is worth his weight in gold and anyone who has gone looking for one that has looked for his equal will heartily agree. 

Give us a call today because we would love to talk to you about and show you this true gentleman.


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