SOLD MT Hollywood Skipette 2017 Red Dun Mare

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Holly" is as pretty as her little sister and is also going well under saddle. She is a culmination of 50 years of selective breeding by Lynn's Quarter Horses and has all of the qualities that have made them so successful. Looks, kind, trainable dispositions, athletic ability and a desire to work. And they are just pretty to look at. This mare would excel in western equitation, competitive trail, ranch versatility and ranch trail. She is being ridden in the mountains and around cows and can go any direction.



Debbie Driggers. 406-360-2668.

Bonnie Cazier. 801-550-4030

Celebrity Concerto
1997 Grullo Roan
Snipper Music
1982 Grullo Roan
Sierra Celebrity Gold
Whiskey Music
Snipper Tody
Sierra G Son
Skipette Holly
MT Hollywood Skipette
2017 Red Dun Mare
Pic Remedy
Doc's Remedy
Comet Bar Chic
Willie War Chic
Lady Bee Lovely