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SOLD Pocos Driftin Smoke 2008 Bay Roan Mare
3-in-1 package


 This big, correct mare has been one of the best producers in the ranch's program. She always throws a stud colt and has never had a filly. The colt at her side comes with her and is an example of what she consistently stamps out. We really like this flashy 2021 brown colt and he is not only pretty to look at but has a deep hip, correct legs and is pretty friendly. He may roan out as both sire and dam are roans. His sire is a son of Wyo Dun Curry, whose offspring are in demand as working ranch horses and competitive rope horses
The mare has been exposed to the same stallion and will be checked soon.



Debbie Driggers. 406-360-2668.

Bonnie Cazier. 801-550-4030.

Mr Roan Hancock
Twice Roaned
Lilly Blue Try
Dee Reed Roan
My Drifty Pride
Valentine Drift
WYO Dun Curry
Diane Valentine
Leo Hancock Hayes
Miss Sue Curry
Mandy Sue Hawk
FP Wyo Blue Hawkeye
2017 Dun Roan Stallion
Reference Sire
Double Drift
Drifts Chip
Midnight Drifwood
Diamond Isle
A Le Bar Isle
Roanee Risk
Pocos Driftin Smoke
2008 Bay Roan Mare
Risky Doll
Blue Drifting Smoke
Gunsmoke Eyes
Smokin Blue Poco
Ebony String
Magical String
Poco Ena
Blue Try
Smart Try
Rings Pretty Try
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