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Full Service Horse Marketing for the Equine Professional

We take the stress and headaches out of marketing your horse to a world wide audience. We have 22 years experience bringing buyers and sellers together and make the process easy for everyone. No more hauling to sales or spending countless hours unraveling the technical aspects of putting your horse on the world wide marketplace. 

As a horseman, you are busy with a hundred chores every day and we know how to take a great photo so your horse is represented accurately. A bad photo will cost you money and hurt your chances of capturing the right audience. Long distance buyers are looking for working bred horses and a cinematic quality video or lack of it can make or break a sale. 

We create and post ads on sites where people are looking for your type of horse. We take the time create clear, accurate descriptions, research pedigrees and post clear photos that make your horse stand out from the crowd.

We communicate with buyers and promptly follow up phone calls and emails and provide follow up information. You will be kept in the loop and be part of all decisions to ensure your horse ends up in the right hands.

Bonnie Cazier is one of the top equine photographers in the Western U.S. Her clients include Copper Spring Ranch, Busby Quarter Horses, Coats Quarter Horses, Spur Cross Ranch, Cross Country Ranch, Jill Lane Quarter Horses and more. Her photos have appeared on major breed magazine covers, sale ads and catalogs.

Debbie Driggers is a professional equine photographer and videographer that can capture cinematic quality video and edit final video that buyers enjoy watching. 

Equipment: High end camera, lenses and lighting. Video camera, GoPro camera and drone to shoot horses in their working environment.

Brokering: We are licensed and bonded with Montana State Livestock Commission and USDA Packers and Stockyards. We provide paperwork involved in setting up purchases and finalizing sales and make sure all requirements are met for legal transfer of ownership and hauling purposes.

We work to make sure communications are clear and resolve any concerns.

Previously Bitterroot Equine Marketing Services.


Debbie Driggers. 406-360-2668.

Bonnie Cazier. 801-550-4030.


Featured in
Montana Horses Magazine December 2020
our article on how to take a better photograph of your horse which includes tips on lighting, angles and handling to make your horse look it's best. Even with a cell phone! 

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