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WYO Scottish Kate 2016 Buckskin Roan Mare


SOLD! Kate is going to a great home in California where she will be loved by Liz and Ric. Congratulations!

We are so excited to represent this horse and trainer. We have watched Kate over the last few years and marveled at how kind and sweet she is as well as built like a brick. She was bred by Bill Smith at the WYO Ranch in Wyoming. The Els Scottish Nick and Royals Diligents cross has produced some of the best dispositions, trainable minds and athletic ability in the business. Kate has correct conformation, solid bone and that deep, strong hip and powerful shoulder. Of course the buckskin roan color is just the frosting. She will be your favorite mount anyone that can ride a horse can get along with this mare. She is gentle, gentle, gentle! Kate has never bucked even with her first saddle. You can lay her off for the winter and get on and it was like you just put her away. What an asset she would be for a working pleasure horse and later on as mother to some outstanding babies.

She was purchased as a yearling from Bill and Carole Smith and has been owned by a professional trainer since then. 


Scudder Scott
Scudder Tom
Els Scottish Nick
Be Mine Honey
Tee Jay Three Bars
WYO Thirsty Bar
WYO Scottish Kate
2016 AQHA Buckskin Roan Mare
Thirsty Wendy
Royals Diligents
Royal Tailwind
WYO Katie Blue
Continental Frosty
Tee J St Patrick
WYO Blue Chic
Chic Chex


Debbie Driggers. 406-360-2668.

Bonnie Cazier. 801-550-4030.

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